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Whether you are developing a new property or enhancing an established one, Andrew Grossman offers a range of creative landscaping services to complement your needs, including Consultation, Design, and Installation services to complement a client’s specific needs.

Landscape Consultation

A landscape consultation takes place at the client’s home and may serve either as the first step in the design process or as a self-contained informational and brainstorming session. Prior to meeting for a consultation, the client should give thought to the following four questions.

1. What are the issues you would like to address on your property?

Include all of the items on your wish list so that we can discuss various design ideas and prioritize potential projects. Some options might involve creating privacy or a quiet retreat, focusing attention on a special vista, assigning a place for children to play, designating a dining area, screening out unsightly views and laying out gardens or foundation plantings.

2. What is your budget for the entire project?

Keep in mind that this figure may be allocated over more than one season.

3. What is your maintenance level?

If you will be maintaining the property yourself, how much time can you realistically allocate toward upkeep. Do you enjoy gardening? If you have a maintenance service, what is their skill set?

4. What are your aesthetic leanings regarding landscape design?

Do you favor a particular style of landscape design (Formal, Informal, English Country, etc)? Pictures taken from this website, books, or magazines can provide helpful clues as to your preferences.

Landscape Design

The second step in the creation of a landscape design involves the development of a hand-drafted plan. This is an interactive process in which the client is encouraged to contribute ideas and opinions. Beginning with a general layout of all the items on the client’s wish list, the design evolves to include specific hardscaping options (patios, walkways, fencing, etc) and plantings. Once completed, the plan may serve as a basis for gathering accurate pricing from contractors or as a road map for the client who wishes to install the project himself.

Landscape Installation

Enlisting the talents of a carefully selected group of landscape contractors, Andrew Grossman can coordinate and oversee every aspect of your landscape installation.